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Fashion photographer
in Tyrol

When creativity meets the lens.

Welcome to my creative journey through the world of photography. My name is Lucie Halajová, and I am a passionate photographer with a penchant for extravagant ideas and unconventional approaches. In my world, fashion is more than just fabric on bodies – it is a canvas for my creative visions. In my work, I present fashion in a way that is beyond the ordinary. I create sets that tell stories, capture emotions and break the boundaries of convention. My photographs can range from down-to-earth simple to elaborate constructions with floating models. Each shot is a work of art in itself, expressing the uniqueness and individuality of my clients. My creative playground knows no boundaries. I offer not only stunning fashion photography, but also unique experiences. You can let yourself be carried by a swing into the world of fashion or climb up romantic ladders into your own fantasies.

The Tyrolean panoramas and mountains are not just a background for me, but a part of my creative world. As an outdoor photographer, I appreciate the beauty of nature and use it as an impressive backdrop for my work. The majestic landscape of Tyrol adds a unique dimension to my photos, giving them an aura of freedom and authenticity. Whether you’re looking for stunning fashion photos, extravagant sets or the beauty of Tyrolean nature, I’m here to help you with my creative passion.

Contact me today and together we will create unforgettable works of art that express your uniqueness and style.

Your special package

I am offering you an exclusive special package – your personalized fashion photoshoot in Tyrol, Austria. At our studio, you have the freedom to choose your fashion, shoes, and jewelry, perfectly matched to our models. Select your fashion model from our exclusive roster on our website and gain access to detailed information and measurements for each model with a login. We will take care of the professional coordination of your photoshoot against the stunning backdrop of Tyrol. Sit back and relax while we work for you. After the photoshoot, we will not only send you your selected fashion, but also the edited pictures. Contact us today to plan and enjoy your fashion photoshoot experience.