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Photography and Social Media Management

Premium Package for Photography and Social Media

Welcome to our exclusive offering for comprehensive social media management, including photography, tailor-made for commercial clients across various industries. This premium package provides a diverse range of services to optimally showcase your business across all relevant platforms.

Price: EUR 1000.00 net per month
Annual contract for 12 months


  • 2 photoshoots per month (each lasting 90 minutes)
  • Includes a minimum of 15 edited photos per shoot, totaling approximately 30-35 images per month
  • Diverse content: Products, premises, employees, events, impressions, partnerships

Social Media:

  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Images
  • 4 weekly photo postings
  • 3 weekly stories
  • 1 weekly reel
  • 2 TikTok videos per week
  • 2 YouTube short videos per week
  • 2 Pinterest photos per month
  • 1 weekly LinkedIn posting
  • Editing of photos, texts, postings, hashtags, and partner mentions
    Individual hashtags for specific campaigns

General Terms:

  • Processing time for photos and social media posts: Within 10-20 days
  • Travel costs not included, separately discussed beyond 30 km

Additional Information specifically for the Large Package:

  • Integration of products or services in story elements
  • Event calendar (Facebook), special promotions
  • Opportunity to integrate models from LH ANGELS for exclusive presentations (additional model fee EUR 100)

Marketing Approaches:

1. Product Highlights in Focus:
Presentation of your best products with visual insights and highlight features.

2. Expert Interviews for Industry Knowledge:
Creation of expert videos where employees share expertise and innovative ideas.

3. Local Partnerships for Your Business:
Highlighting collaborations with local partners to strengthen trust and a positive image.

4. Current Company Developments for Transparency:
Regular updates on current developments to keep customers informed about your business.

Our premium package

We are confident that this premium package will successfully present your business across industries and further enhance its appeal to potential customers. We would be happy to discuss the details in a personal conversation.

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