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Creative Photography
in Tyrol

Creative Photography in Detail

For Commercial Clients (Net):

  • Duration: From 2 hours
  • Price: EUR 500
  • Additional hour: EUR 200)
  • Includes 8 edited photos
  • Additional photos: EUR 60 per photo

For Private Clients (including VAT in Austria):

  • Duration: From 2 hours
  • Price: EUR 595
  • Additional hour: EUR 238
  • Includes 8 edited photos
  • Additional photos: EUR 72 per photo

Expressive portraits and impressive corporate images for your company!

I create unique photo sessions on location, where vibrant fabrics, fascinating plays of color and extravagant elements such as swings or unusual props play a special role. These sessions are perfect for creative people from the fields of fashion, music and for all those who are looking for extraordinary images for family portraits, weddings, children’s photos or festive occasions such as Christmas. Let’s transform your creative ideas into stunning images together!

Fantasieportrait KInd mit bunten Blättern

Recommended for:

  • Fashion Designers and Labels: Impressive images for collections and marketing campaigns.
  • Musicians and Artists: Professional shots for album covers or artistic portraits.
  • Event Planners: Vivid photos of events, weddings, and celebrations.
  • Children and Family Businesses: Unique images for family portraits or child-friendly products.
  • Advertising Agencies: Visually appealing images for advertising campaigns and brand representation.
  • Creative Startups: Custom photos to enhance corporate presence.
  • Bloggers and Influencers: High-quality shots for content creation and social media platforms.

"Let's transform your ideas into breathtaking images and tell your story through our photography."

Our photography service for elaborate sets includes comprehensive detail retouching, elevating each image to the highest level of visual quality. This involves removing distracting objects, perspective correction, optimizing backgrounds, sharpening details, color correction, editing of clothing and props, skin retouching, lighting and shadow effects, as well as focus and depth of field adjustments. We aim to reflect your individual vision and personality, presenting your business or brand in the best possible light.

Portraitfotografie Paar im Winter